Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do we find our tour when we reach Belize? The meeting location for your tour is at the Belize Tourism Village. This is where all cruise ship tenders drop off their passengers. Once you are pre booked our representatives will be at the dock to meet you. They will then escort you to our office which is a few steps away from the dock.
Are you close to where the tenders drop off? Our office is located at Terminal #4
Is it true that Cruise Ships tender their people who bought their tours first and will this create a problem for us meeting our tour? The cruise ships do tender the passengers who bought ship tours first. Our tour starts at a time that allows our guests to get to us. We have not had problems with guests not making it to the start of the tour on the general tenders. Your cruise information will provide instructions for tendering. You only need to ensure you follow those instructions and we will be waiting for your arrival.
What is the difference between Ship Time and Belize Time? The understanding of time of day is one of the most asked questions. There are a few factors that cause this lack of understanding.

Not all cruise ships change their clocks when at sea. Some keep the time zone from which they left, and others change to match the time zone they are in. Please know we are well aware of the ship’s arrival and departure times. Our tours start at a time that allows you to tender and finish well before the ship is ready to depart.

The point of confusion for Belize time is the fact that Belize does not change their clock for Daylight Savings Time. Therefore, half the year Belize is on Central Time (one hour behind Eastern Time), and the other half they are on Mountain Time (two hours behind Eastern Time). The important thing is to know what time your ship is following when you get on board.

If you are on Eastern Time, you will be one hour ahead of Belize from November to March, and two hours ahead from April to October.

If you are on Central Time, you will be on the same time as Belize from November to March, and one hour ahead from April to October.

If my ship does not stop in Belize as scheduled due to weather or any other reason, what happens with my deposit? In the unlikely event your ship will not be able to anchor in the Port of Belize due to weather your deposit will be 100% refunded. Please email us in order to notify us of a port cancellation by your ship.
What is your cancellation policy? Cancellations for excursions on behalf of Ecological Tours due to inclement weather will result in 100% refund if an alternative excursion is not chosen by you with our Guide. We will do our very best to provide you with fantastic excursion alternatives if your pre-reserved excursion cannot be carried out due to inclement weather.
What form of payment do you accept? Cash, travelers cheques and Credit cards (master card, Visa, Discover) are accepted form of payment.
Do I need to make a reservation or can I just find you at the dock? Making a reservation ensures your space and allows us to meet you at the dock.