Cave Tubing

Tours – Cruise Excursions – Cave Tubing:

Board a 14 passenger van for a one hour drive to the Caves Branch River and its winding path through the Maya Mountains and numerous ancient caves. Be prepared for a 35 minute hike down a jungle trail where your guide will point out various plants, roots and herbs once used by the ancient Maya for medicinal purposes. At the entrance of the underground cave system there will be time for experiencing a breathtaking 15′ cliff dive, after which your guide hands out miner’s lamps and you are ready to float in inflated inner tubes with gentle currents taking you through the cave system. Intricate crystalline formations line the cave and the majestic rise and fall of stalagmites and stalactites add to the serene opulence of nature. This part of the adventure lasts about two hours. Come dressed in bathing suits, T-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes (which will get wet) or water shoes and a towel. A change of clothes and shoes is recommended and will be welcomed after your tour.
Cavetubing with Ecological Tours Services - Belize

Minimum age 8 years or good swimmers.


Cave Tubing & Zipline Combo

Experience Belize’s jungle on a thrilling zipline adventure. This excursion will enable you to see and appreciate the beauty of Belize’s wild side. While you enjoy traversing from treetop to treetop and learn about the ecosystem that will surround you, you will be escorted by professional on site guides on each of the eight platforms for maximum safety.After an hour and a half you will be taken for a 35 minute hike that will lead you to the entrance of the cave system for your cavetubing adventure.

Zipline with Ecological Tours Service - Belize